C6agri-Industries Information Solutions is a leading provider and supporter of commodity market data, tools and services with QT Info Systems, Inc.. Together, we deliver cutting-edge software and communication systems/solutions that set the standard for futures and options professionals, the agribusiness sector and the large producer industry.

Quote Charting Platforms

QT Marketcenter - HTML 5 Based

QT Market Center is a comprehensive, online, real-time commodity quote and charting platform with order entry for Agribusiness. Create your own custom quote screens; order entry, access the latest news, government reports, and weather; and get the inside scoop from seasoned market professionals — all for one small monthly fee. Mobile friendly.

QT Platinum - Java Based

QT Platinum offers more than any other quote system for a fraction of the cost. Enjoy all-month option monitors, user-defined option volatility inputs, price ladders, and an all-contracts info screen. QT Platinum provides nine additional chart drawing tools for a total of 17, giving you complete charting capabilities for advanced analysis. Platinum users have access to all 37 chart indicators and chart studies, as well as externalized workspaces, indicator builders, and dynamic links to Excel.

Website Development/Cash Bids

Custom Websites/Hosting

QT can host your Grain Elevator’s website on our servers and provide a Content Management System that allows you to easily manage your site. News, Weather, Commodity Quotes and more! Custom design available, mobile friendly!

Cash Bids

Deliver your cash bids data via text messaging and email. Manage and calculate your cash bids. Give your clients immediate access to info on basis, delivery, commodity and cash prices.


QT Messaging

is a unique broadcast distribution package designed to enhance efficiency in communicating with your client base. Need to spread the word? With QT messaging, you can reach thousands in minutes! It’s a fast and affordable way to communicate via audio, video, text and files with your client base.

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AMI Features
QT Mega Messaging

QT Grains

Buy/Sell Grain Online, streamline your grain merchandising business, text Message/Email Notifications on offer status changes/updates, create farmer offers on the fly, archived history, offer alert tracking, display your discount schedule and more!

Market Information

QT News

QT News offers a comprehensive online information platform featuring commodity futures news with pertinent, timely market information that is accessible through your web browser, futures quotes, trade reports, QT Weather, and FuturesLine also available.

QT Weather

QT Weather and World Weather work together to bring you a comprehensive weather package on one easy, user-friendly system. This dynamic team of weather broadcasters delivers a constant stream of market-relevant domestic and international weather information every day. Using radar analysis, USDA data, global satellite and remote sensing coverage, QT brings you an extensive package of essential weather information.

QT Audio

Live, streaming Internet market commentary broadcasts from trading floor insiders and expert analysts. Market-related weather information that flows directly to your PC. Live coverage of U.S. government reports, market news, and timely information!.

QT Chart of the Day

Receive a daily commodity chart to your inbox.